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Meditation Services

I have experience leading sound meditations in a variety of spaces including community events, classroom settings, behavioral health hospitals, birthday parties and more. Sound meditation is an immersive experience that allows you access deeper levels of consciousness and relaxation through the use of a variety of instruments that include singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and more. Through active listening and mindfulness, sound meditation gives you the opportunity to go on a journey of peace, healing and release.

At Sonic Soul Services I offer various meditation packages with add-on Reiki and Intuitive reading services. Choose which one works best for you to leave you feeling empowered, relaxed, and calmer than before. 

Below are my packages for 1-4 people. If you have a group of more than 5 please click the button below to receive your quote for the group meditation.

Need a meditation for 5+ people?
Click below for a quote.

Private Sound Meditation

(60 mins)

Enjoy your own sound journey in the comfort of your own space. This can be done for 1 to 4 people.


If there are any particular sound meditation instruments that you would like to have included in your session, please list up to 3 instruments of your choosing in the notes and I will do my best to include them in your private session. 


Sound Meditation Services
Sound Meditation Services Package
Sound Meditation + Reiki + INTUITIVE READING

( 95 mins)

All three services combined!

+ $80
(on top of $150 meditation)

Sound Meditation + Intuitive Reading

( 75 mins)

Receive an intuitive reading directly after your sound meditation (see “Energetic Services” for more information). If your session is being shared with others, each person will have the opportunity to be energetically “read.”

+ $40
(on top of $150 meditation)

Intuition Services
Sound Meditation Services
Sound Meditation + Holy FireⓇ Reiki Energy Clearing 

( 75 mins)

Receive the most updated form of Reiki energy work during your private session (see “Energetic Services” for more information). This is an ideal add-on package option if you’re currently working through any major life events, situations or experiences that have impacted you. It is also good for an extra “reset” of energy and wellbeing. 

+ $40
(on top of $150 meditation)

Sound Meditation Testimonial


“I had the most incredible session with Danny after a huge surgery. The sound healing provided pain relief and the opportunity to let go of some things I was holding onto that were negatively impacting my life. It was just a very restorative, beautiful session! Danny is a true gift in his nature and his unique abilities to connect with sound and help facilitate healing for others. I highly recommend him to everybody!” 

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