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Energetic Services

Some background:

I believe that we all have intuition, but how we interact with and recognize this awareness varies from person to person. We may find ourselves having a dream or vision of an event before it happens, or perhaps our “gut-feeling” is telling us to do (or not do) a certain action. Maybe you’ve walked into a room after an argument and felt the tension “in the air,”  or maybe you’ve met someone new and you somehow can pick up on information about this person without them telling you. Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we are constantly interacting with the energy around us. We may initially write these moments of awareness off as “wild coincidences” or random events, but overtime, we can realize that we’re connected to life in more ways than we can physically see. 


This is my personal story: 


From a very young age, I have had a strong connection to my intuitive abilities. In my early childhood years, this was often expressed through dreams, visions and spontaneous bursts of foresight knowledge. I gathered information on people, places and situations around me that weren’t physically obvious. I became “in-tune” with the subtle aspects of life and the “unseen”, but I wasn’t yet aware of how to work with these senses as a child and teenager. At the time, I couldn’t fully express or explain what was happening to the people around me or even to myself.


This extra awareness gradually dampened in my college years as I pursued my educational and professional endeavors. It wasn’t until 5 years later when my intuitive senses opened back up to an elevated level while attending my first sound meditation. Instead of locking these senses back up again, I decided to give them acceptance and time to understand them on a matured level. I realized that they could have a positive benefit for not just myself, but for others as well if I chose to share them. 


For the past several years, I’ve practiced using my intuitive skills to help individuals on their journeys and to give them a different perspective on aspects of themselves & events in their lives. It is not a scary or invasive practice, but rather an outside, fresh outlook on one’s energy. From insights on relationships or careers to life changes or decisions, I work with others to not only see these energies from other angles but to help them open up to their own, unique intuition to make empowered choices.


To have a personal session, all you need is an open mind. 

ENERGETIC TestimonialS


“I did a one on one session with Danny and it was incredible. He has a grounded, calming presence and he laid out the expectations for what was going to happen so I felt comfortable immediately. Danny is highly intuitive and gifted. I gained clarity and insights from our session that continue to be helpful for me in my expansion. I highly recommend Danny for his intuitive readings and sound healing sessions. He is a light and someone who helps you draw out the answers you already have within you.” 

"Danny’s readings are amazing. They have helped me get through some of the hardest part of my life. Everything that he says is dead on to what I’m feeling and what I need to do to feel better. I highly recommend doing a private session with him if you have any struggles that you’re going through or uncertainties, the reading will help clear your mind and show you what you need to for you to get closer to your source. It’s an amazing experience."

"Danny has done many readings for me lately, from 15 minutes  to 30 minutes.  Each time he has given me an excellent reading with valuable insight that has helped me on my journey.  He is very intuitive and in touch with the energies that are going on around you.  He has hit home with what has been going on in my life and really honed in on it for me.  The last reading he did for me was so accurate that he actually brought me to tears.  Danny will bring positive, amazing energy to your reading!"

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